When factuality meets compliance

Digitalize your site's paperwork while creating traceability troughout the project lifecycle

Capture and sign off data instantly. Comply to your process requirements. Connect to stakeholders with verified identities, legal signatures and roles. Hold a TRACE of who, has done what, and when. That's what factuality is all about.

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Digital modules that make a difference!

Quick Capture

  • Fast communication with traceability
  • From the smallest event to the largest
  • Strengthens both performers and recipients

0.9 GBP / certificate

Quick Capture video

Pressure Test

  • Creates unique Pressure Test Certificates with traceability
  • Strengthens both performers and recipients
  • Handles several pressure tests simultaneously

1.5 GBP / certificate


  • Creates unique CIPP certificates with traceability
  • Strengthens both performers and recipients
  • Handles multiple CIPP steps simultaneously

1.5 GBP / certificate

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Why Quick Capture?

Examples of processes that gets traceable and strengthened by Quick Capture

  • Deviation reports
  • GPS position (with or without image)
  • Evidence and receipt
  • Task requirement checklists
  • Change request documentation
  • Attendance check / Time report
  • Before and after pictures with timestamp
  • Invoice documentation
  • Service agreement offers
  • Construction site diary

Unique certificate
with traceability!

  • Strengthens who did what, in what place, with whom and time

  • Send certificates to partners, customers, insurance companies or other agencies

  • We've got your back. Trace your site actions, hold a legal proof, get paid for your work

The easy

that organizes all documents produced via Quick Trace

All drafts that have been started are located here

Here is all information "Assigned to you" from an other participant

The company's archive where all completed certificates are gathered in one place

The administrator

The company's administrators have the following privileges

  • Register the company
  • Manage business information
  • Invite users (internal / external)
  • Give permission to more administrators
  • Pause / Edit users
  • Manage modules for each user
  • Control of the monthly cost

Our customers

What do our customers say?

Trace products Relining and Quick Capture give myself and my customers a much better documentation and ensure that all steps are correct for the user and its parties.

The assignment function that allows different users to start and complete a "CIPP distance" with traceability and correct certificates is very valuable.

The "Epoxy Calculator" is also a function that makes it enormously easier.

Sweden's research institute (RISE) like the documentation that will strengthen the entire CIPP industry.

Patrick Hägerström

VD, Fluxus Relining Supplies AB


Trace application is very easy to use.

The GPS function and the recipient control via the certificate strengthen my processes and the power of proof for me and the recipients.

We use the Quick Capture module for self-inspections, drainage, piping, infiltration facilities, earthworks and much more.

Per-Arne Eriksson

Ägare och VD Mälby Grävtjänst AB

I'm very happy with Quick Capture which handles my documentation when I service machines, replace engine parts and other steps that I need to document with traceability.


Ingmar Lindholm

VD, IMA Service

Our Partners

Lequinox DLT technology in all modules!

"Lequinox® methodology and technology help organizations - internally as well as externally - with legality, interoperability, integrity and compliance by strengthening existing or future applications and services, as well as other technologies such as Blockchain"


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